The New Skills of Tai Chi for Executives 

with Joshua Grant

In today’s global marketplace, a company’s ability to quickly adapt and respond to change directly affects its profitability and market share. The light speed exchange of information requires executives to evaluate problems and make decisions under increasingly short time constraints. To maintain a competitive edge, a company must look to empower its executives with the added skills of recognizing, releasing and moving through physical and mental tension while cultivating an awareness of inner calm. 

Developing these skills, a well-trained decision maker manages to stay internally calm, alert and rooted, in the face of a complex and high-pressure corporate environment. From this centered place, the subtle undercurrents of human kinetic energy can be better perceived; and hard fact quantitative information can be processed with ease. 

This is the purpose behind the training methods in this program, The New Skills of Tai Chi for Corporate Executives. With years of professional teaching experience, and a U.S. gold medal in Tai Chi, Joshua Grant masterfully presents this specially chosen, traditional tai chi material to enhance the lives of corporate executives in the context of modern every day business usage. As symbolized in the singular master brush stroke that is the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute’s logo, he strives to leave their mark as a blue print for excellence in the evolving culture of today’s corporate world. 

Past individual clients and corporations include: 

Jonathan F. Miller, CEO America Online

Michael Bronner, former CEO Digitas Corporation, founder of UPromise

Dan Schwinn, CEO Shiva Corporation

Matthew Cutler, CEO Net Genesis Corporation

Norman and Ruth Scotch, former Dean Boston University School of Public Health David Mamet, playwright

Robert Parish, former center, Boston CelticsRick Fox, former forward, LA Lakers

Diaggio, LTD.Verizon CorporationFidelity Investments

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Sun Life of Canada

John Hancock Life Insurance Co.

Lotus Corporation

GTE Labs


Curriculum Overview

Level I

(See following page for detail of this level)

Connecting with Chi:  This introductory level program teaches participants to get in touch with their inner energy called chi through breathing and relaxation exercises.

Level II

Gathering Chi:  The Level II program combines the techniques from Level I into a practice routine known as Tao Lu. At this level, attention is given to hand movements, footwork and postures.

Level III

Utilizing Chi:  Level III continues to refine the skills presented in Levels I and II, then begins to explore partner interactive training, applying the principals of tai chi in what is known as Tui Shou or Push Hands.

Level 1: Connecting With Chi

60 minute presentation 

1. Warm Up Exercises: Prepare the BODY, Quiet the MIND, Calm the SPIRIT

These exercises are a great way to warm up and learn your body’s strengths and limitations. You will move through a series of joint rotations and gain kinesthetic awareness of your body. Attention is focused on the entire range of motion, noticing the FLUIDITY of your joints as you work through each exercise.

  • Hand & Wrist
  • Feet & Ankle Elbows Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Arm Swing Chest & Back Low Back & Waist Legs & Knees

2. Chi Gong: Breathing exercises for RELAXATION and FOCUS

Chi Gong (energy work) is any exercise or form of meditation that promotes accumulation and circulation of chi in the body. Some examples from Level I are:

  • Moving: Palms Push Upward To The Sky Regulating the Triple Burner. Hands Hold the Ankles Strengthening the Kidneys and the Waist. Head Tilts and Tail Waves Clearing the Fire of the Heart
  • Standing: Zhan Zhung (Standing Post) is a basic form of chi gong meditation. It releases tension in the body and mind, increases chi accumulation and circulation, and encourages the connection between the mind, body and spirit.

3. Tai Chi Walking: Intro to BALANCE in motion

Participants walk across the room in slow, gentle steps.
The slowness of the walk unifies the mind, body, and chi.
This great exercise demonstrates how to lead the body forward with chi.

4. Tai Chi Fundamentals: Develop COORDINATION

At its core, Tai Chi is a method of self defense. The success of its application is determined by the practitioner’s ability to coordinate individual parts as a whole. Movement of the hands, eyes, torso and feet are directed through an unmoving center of calm awareness.

  • Roll Back and Press
  • Hands Wave Like Clouds 
  • Repulse the Monkey