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6 DVD Complete Series

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This video, Fundamentals to TAI CHI Fitness & Health, guides you through a warm-up, posture and breathing techniques, and walking and hand movements. The body movements are combined into a graceful flow of techniques.

This video, The Yang Short Form And Applications, Level One,, is an intermediate level workout for those who have mastered the basics of Tai Chi. Learn the first steps of the Yang Short Form, a discipline of continuous motion which releases your inner energy ("Chi") and tones muscles and burns fat.

This video, The Yang Short Form And Applications, Level Two, is an advanced level workout in the practice of Tai Chi. Master more difficult movements, gain greater stregth and flexibility, tone muscles, burn fat and increase your mental awareness while feeling an inner calm.

Instructors: Joshua Grant, Yao Li, Dorri Li.

For hundreds of years, the art of Tai Chi has been used to stregthen and condition both the mind and body. in this video, TAI CHI STRENGTH & CONDTIONING- FUNDAMENTALS, Tai Chi champion Joshua Grant combines the fundamentals of Tai Chi with a series of dynamic tension exercises.

This unique workout tones the body's major muscle groups and allows you to set your own pace and resistance levels. No equipment is necessary; all of the exercises are designed to be conveniently preformed in your home. After just a few lessons, this workout will help you develop inner strength, burn fat and feel healthy. Instructors: Joshua Grant, Yao Li, Dorri Li.

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Dorri' Li's Kung Fu Step Workout uniquely incorporates Kung Fu self defense techniques with the fundamentals of step aerobics. This workout gives you the cardiovascular conditioning of traditional step aerobics while training you to focus your mind and move with grace, power and control.

Dorri' Li's Kung Fu Step Circuit Workout is a unique workout that allows you to burn fat and calories, increase your strength and stamina, while teaching you the fundamentals of Kung Fu.

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